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1: A Functional Contributor to Cancer Metastatic Potential
Tumor metastasis plays a key role in assessing treatment strategies and an important factor in determining patient prognosis. Not surprisingly, significant effort has been focused on elucidating the molecular basis behind tumor metastasis.

2: Patient Health Records
Patient Health Records provides benefits such as storing and sharing of patientsí health records ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of patientsí information. This wipes out all the errors, associated with the conventional paper based system. It collects and stores the patientsí health information data from all the sources like hospitals, laboratories, healthcare professionals, pharmacies and insurance companies etc.

3: Destinol is the best treatment for vaginal odor and Bacterial Vaginosis
Destinol is a powerful combination of drug ingredients designed to eliminate unwanted discharges and offensive odor. These ingredients are combined in a capsule that you'll take once a day. It's less hassle than applying creams, and it works better. You'll be able to do everything you want to do without worrying about vaginal odor.

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